Mayte Varela, Mentor

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn

Benjamin Franklin

About me


Mayte Varela, business and entrepreneur mentor.

I am Mayte, Mentor and entrepreneur. I consider myself a professional full of energy, honest, committed and a power catalyst for my clients to boost their projects and careers. A few years ago I was lucky to have a wonderful mentor who helped me discover the transformational power of mentoring and its beneficial impact on my career. I discovered my passion for mentoring. And that passion is what I want to share with you. I am here to assist you , be part of your team and share my more than 20 years of professional experience in diverse sectors with you.

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A great mentor-mentee relationship is based on three tenets:

A deep bond of trust.

Unbridled candor.

The journey is the reward.

Bryan Wiener


7 weeks of individual sessions to focus and develop your project and idea.


8 weeks of intensive work to boost your project and develop your strategy.


Annual program with group of entrepreneurs.


Now I feel much clearly what's the problem we want to solve to deliver value to our customers. This is the most important thing for us. I feel the team is aligned and articulated and this would have been really difficult if we hadn't gone trough the process of Mentoring with Mayte. We are so thankful for meeting you and for your enthusiasm, interest in our project and your generosity.

Cristina & Carlos. Ciudad del Saber. Panama.

After having collaborated with Mayte mentoring entrepreneurs' projects, I'd highlight her ability to synthesise information with clarity when communicating and her serenity, which is product of her experience and knowledge. She is a great professional that assists team members with a global vision of the project delivering practical and efficient solutions

Jorge Iparraguirre, Bilbao

It has been a pleasure to have Mayte as my mentor and accountability partner. She is very intuitive, a great communicator, a mentor and coach with great empathy. She understands how to push and guide through empowerment and motivation and it has been a pleasure to work with her. We have also created the foundation of a great relationship and I am blessed to have her now in my life!

Ana Gonzalez-Herrera NY Usa